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Clan Fergusson Society of North America Shoulder Boards

“They are beautifully done and great detail on the thistle and bee!” Dana Ferguson, RVP Region 10.

Shoulder Boards are authorized for permanent wear upon the completion of one term of office. They are authorized for temporary wear prior to that time.

Item description:

These shoulder boards are made with black cloth secured to hard material underneath. They have black colored narrow elastic straps on the underside which are used to secure them to the shoulder straps of miliary style shirts, Prince Charlie jackets, or similar clothing. Silver embroidered ribbons indicate the position of the wearer in the CFSNA organization. A silver thistle and bee metal device is attached immediately above the silver ribbons, except for the member’s boards which have only the metal device.

The boards come in pairs. If not worn on shoulder straps, there are several other options for displaying them: For example, one of the pair could be pinned on a garment in an appropriate location, such as a pocket, or worn on a neck lanyard. If not worn, the pair could be displayed in a shadow box with one’s certificate of appointment or certificate of membership.

GroupOnTartan epaulettesuitability

Top Row (L-R) Current President; Past President; Executive Committee; Regional Vice-President.
Second Row (L-R) Staff-Group 1; Staff Group 2; Staff Group 3; Member.

Staff – Group I includes Accountant, Chaplain, Editor of The Bee Line, Genealogist, IT Mgr, Merchandise Manager, Pipe Major, and Quartermaster.

Staff – Group II consists of the chairs of all committees including Awards, Events Coordination, Photography, Proof Reading, Publications, Publicity & Social Media, Scholarships/Charitable Works, and Trip Advisory. It also includes Conveners.

Staff – Group III includes assistants and apprentices (all positions)

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