[Ferguson-dna] NGS Sales

Colin Ferguson colin.fergie at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 10:01:14 CST 2016

NGS means Next Generation Sequencing. There are two products to
consider: BigY and YElite.

The current price for BigY is $525 and with luck you might find a $75
coupon code.

Here is a coupon for a $220 discount on Y Elite 2.1 bringing the price
down to $575
coupon code=FGCsale2016

The technical advantages of Y Elite over BigY are discussed on this
page by James Kane.

FTDNA does a poor job of presenting BigY data but their database is
much larger than FGC's allowing more comparisons to be made. These
advantages/disadvantages are overcome by third party analysis. Persons
in any of the R1b haplogroups are lucky, they can submit at no cost
their BigY or YElite data to the Big Tree at http://www.ytree.net/ for
analysis and comparison. Persons in any of the other haplogroups will
need to submit their results to Yfull.com https://www.yfull.com/ for
analysis and comparison at a cost of $45.

FTDNA turnaround times for BigY are many weeks whereas with FGC they
are many months.

We have three groups large enough that crowd sourcing would be a
feasible means of funding NGS tests. They are:
I2 > M223 > L126 >Y4752 Isles/Sc - 15 Branches I
I2 > M223 > L126 >Y4752 Isles/Sc - 15 Branches II
R1b > L21 > L1065 > S764 >S756 Scots Branch II

If you would like to help organize or participate in an effort in one
of these groups please reply to the list so we can gage the interest.

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