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I’m in R1b > L21 > L1065 > S764 >S756 Scots Branch II and would like to
participate in the BigY test.

It looks like there are only six kits in this haplogroup: B5642, 19263 /
389923, 53675, 235156 and 89310.

Crowd sourcing sounds like the way to go. I can create a GoFundMe site for
this effort since, as you said, the cost is $575.

Who’s in?

Matt Ferguson

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> NGS means Next Generation Sequencing. There are two products to
> consider: BigY and YElite.
> The current price for BigY is $525 and with luck you might find a $75
> coupon code.
> Here is a coupon for a $220 discount on Y Elite 2.1 bringing the price
> down to $575
> coupon code=FGCsale2016
> The technical advantages of Y Elite over BigY are discussed on this
> page by James Kane.
> http://www.it2kane.org/category/snp-testing/
> FTDNA does a poor job of presenting BigY data but their database is
> much larger than FGC's allowing more comparisons to be made. These
> advantages/disadvantages are overcome by third party analysis. Persons
> in any of the R1b haplogroups are lucky, they can submit at no cost
> their BigY or YElite data to the Big Tree at http://www.ytree.net/ for
> analysis and comparison. Persons in any of the other haplogroups will
> need to submit their results to Yfull.com https://www.yfull.com/ for
> analysis and comparison at a cost of $45.
> FTDNA turnaround times for BigY are many weeks whereas with FGC they
> are many months.
> We have three groups large enough that crowd sourcing would be a
> feasible means of funding NGS tests. They are:
> I2 > M223 > L126 >Y4752 Isles/Sc - 15 Branches I
> I2 > M223 > L126 >Y4752 Isles/Sc - 15 Branches II
> R1b > L21 > L1065 > S764 >S756 Scots Branch II
> If you would like to help organize or participate in an effort in one
> of these groups please reply to the list so we can gage the interest.
> Cheers,
> Colin
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