[Ferguson-dna] "Colonel" Robert Ferguson and related families

Colin Ferguson colin.fergie at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 13:55:24 CDT 2017

The page I created some time ago for "Colonel" Robert Ferguson and
related families used a "consensus tree" reliant on public trees. I
figured I should instead get to the sources and create a tree. The
remodeled page is here:

There are now four trees:
1. Robert Ferguson (-1794) aka Colonel Robert Ferguson
2. Andrew Ferguson (1724-1810) whose will was proved 1811
3. Robert Ferguson (1764-1826) aka Robin Ferguson
4. Robert Ferguson (1722-1815) of Long Creek

Kit 185584 upgraded to 67 and it now appears that descendants of
Robert (-1794) have DYS487=13 whereas descendants of Andrew
(1724-1810) have DYS487=14. Descendants of Robert of Long Creek are

BigY results are now in for 185584 and 179964 descendants of Colonel
Robert and Andrew respectively. They will take a couple of months to
be analyzed but a first look reveals some new SNP that should be able
to more definitively differentiate descendants of Colonel Robert and
Andrew than the STR marker DYS487.

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