[Ferguson-dna] Autosomal Roll Call

Kathy Brock kathybrock5 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 11:33:46 CDT 2017

My Autosomal DNA:

Gedmatch.com kit # M237041
FTDNA.com Kit #B161562

My 2nd great grandfather was:

   - Stephen R. Ferguson      *married Julia Ann Culp*

b. 26 Nov 1816 Chester, Chester, SC    d. 29 Apr 1907 Chester, Chester, SC

Earliest known Ferguson Ancestor:  John Ferguson 1650-1717 and wife Anne
Stubbleson 1665-1735.  I believe John's father was also named John Ferguson
1630-1692, married to Janet Turnbul 1630-1692 in Scotland.

Kathy Brock

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> One of the purposes of this list is to support people working on their
> Fergus(s)on ancestry using autosomal DNA. John Smeltzer serves as our
> admin/advisor on matters related to autosomal testing and you may post
> questions to him via this list. Since autosomal testing is done by three
> different companies our platform for comparison and analysis is the site
> known as GEDMATCH.com and Fergus(s)on autosomal testers are advised to
> upload their data to that site. Instructions on how to do that are here:
> http://www.dna.cfsna.net/FFinder/GEDmatch.htm
> If you have uploaded your data to GEDMATCH please reply to this message
> and let us know the following:
> 1. 2nd Great Grandfather Ferguson with dates, places
> 2. Earliest Known Ferguson Ancestor with dates, places
> 3. GEDMATCH ID Number
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> Colin
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