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Sorry, but I don’t understand what the large green type below in your posting stands for.  I am presuming Northern Ireland, possibly Ulster?  Please explain.


Family genealogist for Y FTDNA Kit 301950.  Getting ready to do an autosomal test.


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1. John Ferguson, dates unknown but probably born ~1750, lived in North Uist.

(2nd great-grandfather’s info is sparse)


2. Neil Ferguson, b1789 North Uist, d1866 South Port Morien, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

(Great-grandfather and family are the ones who emigrated from North Uist to Cape Breton Island in 1841.)


3. My father’s GEDmatch ID: A693982


These Fergusons may possibly have connections to Fergusons in South Uist, Harris or Skye.




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One of the purposes of this list is to support people working on their Fergus(s)on ancestry using autosomal DNA. John Smeltzer serves as our admin/advisor on matters related to autosomal testing and you may post questions to him via this list. Since autosomal testing is done by three different companies our platform for comparison and analysis is the site known as GEDMATCH.com <http://GEDMATCH.com>  and Fergus(s)on autosomal testers are advised to upload their data to that site. Instructions on how to do that are here:

If you have uploaded your data to GEDMATCH please reply to this message and let us know the following:

1. 2nd Great Grandfather Ferguson with dates, places
2. Earliest Known Ferguson Ancestor with dates, places


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