[Ferguson-dna] Suggestions for Using Gedmatch

Don Holeman dholeman1 at cox.net
Tue Apr 18 20:52:17 CDT 2017

Greetings All,

My Ferguson ancestry is strictly autosomal through my paternal
fourth-great-grandmother Sarah Francis Ferguson b. 1890, Wilkes County,
North Carolina who was daughter of Richard Ferguson and Verlinda Triplett.
She married my fourth-great-grandfather Daniel Holeman on January 30, 1810,
in Wilkes County, North Carolina. 

My gedmatch ID is T289485, that of my father Jackie Donald Holeman is
T262648. Our family tree is posted here:


Despite the genetic distance, five generations removed, I have many Ferguson
DNA cousins discovered at both familytreedna.com and gedmatch.com. Autosomal
dna is a very powerful tool.

>> [Sharon wrote:] What is really great about Gedmatch are the Tier 1

I subscribe to the Tier 1 tools. A new one is the Lazarus Tool by which it
is possible, with dna from enough descendants, to 'reconstruct' the
chromosomes of a given ancestor and then use that reconstruction to find
additional descendants who might not match a living descendants. 

The data you all have been posting to this thread seems to fit the bill. I
would be glad to help in this regard or with the other Tier 1 tools.

All the Best
Don Holeman
Enfield, CT

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