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Jeri Jahnke jeri at tormenta.com
Tue Apr 18 23:05:50 CDT 2017

Hi, Don.  There looks to be a couple of typos or some confusion in the tree
you linked to.  You show Sarah Frances Ferguson born 1890, her husband
David Holeman born 1887, and their son William born 1831.

David Holeman did marry a Sally Furguson in Wilkes on the date you give,
according to records.  I don't know if this Sally on the marriage record is
Sarah Ferguson (b 1790), the daughter of Richard Ferguson and Verlinda

However, Richard and Verlinda are our 3rd ggrandparents and Richard is our
Y-DNA line; and none of the three of us siblings match your autosomal
results at Gedmatch or FTDNA.

At Ancestry we have about 50 autosomal matches with "Ferguson" in their
ancestral surname list; about 20 with Triplett in their ancestral list; and
about a dozen with Holman (no 'e') in their lists, which is kind of

We have very good autosomal matches (2nd to 4th cousins) with kits sharing
our known Ferguson ancestors.

If you have an account at Ancestry, our tree is located here:


If not, I can ask Ancestry to send you an invitation if you like.

In Y-DNA we have a major extra-paternal event at Richard; before him, we
are related to none of the Fergusons.  I have detailed the case at his page
for anyone interested.

Since there are at least 6 surnames matching our Y-DNA like one family
(Y-111 and Big Y), it was probably an adoption of a large family of boys.
Or a combination of several events.

All the best,
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