[Ferguson-dna] Suggestions for Using Gedmatch

Don Holeman dholeman1 at cox.net
Wed Apr 19 12:45:35 CDT 2017

Jeri, thanks for the typo corrections, should have been 1790 and 1787

 >> [Jeri wrote] Richard and Verlinda are our 3rd ggrandparents and Richard
is our Y-DNA line; and none of the three of us siblings match your autosomal
results at Gedmatch or FTDNA.

The total genetic distance between you and my dad through Richard and
Verlinda is 11 generations, generally too far for the default gedmatch
thresholds to pick up and way too far for ftdna. Lowering the gedmatch
thresholds still didn't produce a 'match' between you and my dad but does
give plenty of overlap data to work with. For instance, Mark, yourself and
Mary Louise are about equally close to my dad; Jerome, Carol and Jacqulyn
are slightly more distant, are they one generation more removed?

>>  [Jeri wrote] At Ancestry we have...about a dozen with Holman (no 'e') in
their lists, which is kind of interesting.

The 'e' slips off our surname like it has grease on it. I have extensive
Holeman/Holman lineage trees if you would like to consult on potential

I do not subscribe to Ancestry so I would greatly appreciate an invitation
to view your tree. Also, I will probably not be able to view your page for
Richard at Ancestry even with an invitation, is there another way for you to
share the detailed accout of his extra-paternal event? This would be crucial
to my own research.

Many Thanks,

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