[Ferguson-dna] Suggestions for Using Gedmatch

Don Holeman dholeman1 at cox.net
Wed Apr 19 13:33:07 CDT 2017

 >> {Sharon wrote] Are you saying that if you used the Lazarus Tool with
several descendants of a common ancestor born, say,  in the 1600s, we could
find out autosomal DNA information about them? 

Yes, though you need more than 'several' descendants, dozens in fact.
Working with ancestors from the early colonial period (1600's) would take
hundreds and require a stepwise approach.

For any given ancestor you need autosomal kits for two groups of living
relatives: 1. direct descendants and 2. 'indirect', ie everybody else. Note
that it is not necessary to know the full lineage, you just have to be
confident of being related to the ancestor and know whether the relationship
is direct or indirect.

I've been playing with it for my Holeman ancestors though my challenge has
been to locate enough bonafide kin for the job. I'm still not quite there. 

The Fergusons appear to be more populous and better represented in the
genetic data than we Holemans. 


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