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Hi Matt,
I'd do the BigY since it is capable of discovering new branches in a
tree whereas specific SNP will only tell you if you fit into an
existing branch. You are in a small subgroup of the Scots Branch II
with DYS448=20 and there is a lot we don't know about it. I think
Chuck will be ordering BigY and a comparison to him is a logical first
step in trying to unravel the relationship between Branchs I and II.

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 8:16 AM, Matt Ferguson <fergshere at gmail.com> wrote:
> Colin,
> I'm Scots Branch II with FTDNA kit 235156. I've done Y67 and 23&me. Should I
> do FTDNA's Big Y or specific SNPs?
> Thanks,
> Matt Ferguson
> On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 8:00 AM Colin Ferguson via Ferguson-dna
> <ferguson-dna at cfsna.net> wrote:
>> >Is there anything that Big Y will tell us that we don't already know?
>> Chuck,
>> In your case it will tell us how our Ferguson descendants from John
>> Ferguson of Cherry Walk fit into this tree:
>> http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=812
>> Our descendants of John Ferguson of Cherry Walk fit into three categories:
>> 1. son John (1685-1769) who married Sarah Gatewood
>> 2. grandson James (1715-) who married Agnes Adams
>> 3. grandson William (1736-) who married Annie Henderson
>> You would serve as a benchmark for (3) and if one person from each of
>> (1) and (2) to follow suit we would hope to find:
>> A. SNP unique to descendants of John of Cherry walk
>> B. SNP to unique to each of the tree lines above
>> One of the outstanding questions for persons in Haplogroup: R1b > L21
>> > L1065 > S764 >S756 Scots Branch II; are all involved descended from
>> a single immigrant ancestor and is that John of Cherry Walk? We might
>> be able to eventually answer that.
>> Colin
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