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Thanks for sharing this Sharon.
Marilyn Jones
Charlotte NC

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> Hello,
> When I first uploaded my raw data to Gedmatch, I had no idea what to do.
> For several months, all I knew to do was to use the one-to-many search.
> Once I did that, I didn't know what to do with it.  Then I decided to try
> and learn more about it.
> For those who tested at Ancestry DNA, you don't get a chromosome browser.
> FTDNA and 23andMe give their customers chromosome browsers.  I tested at
> FTDNA but had no idea how to use a chromosome browser.  It is a spreadsheet
> showing all of your matches, and what chromosomes you match on.  Also, it
> shows the starting point and ending point for each segment you share DNA
> with your match.  You can download the entire chromosome browser at FTDNA.
> Once you do that, you need to sort the spreadsheet by chromosome number and
> starting location.  Then, if you have a match with someone on a certain
> chromosome and the same start location, that means you share a common
> ancestor with that person.  Legitimate matches are supposed to be at least
> 7 cMs (centimorgans) and contain at least 700 SNPs.  (I never can remember
> what SNPs are.)  Ignore the matches less than 7 cMs and 700 SNPs, and
> concentrate on the larger numbers.
> Since Ancestry doesn't give us chromosome browsers (I later tested at
> Ancestry, too), you can get the chromosome information through Gedmatch
> using the one-to-one search.  It shows the chromosome numbers and the start
> location of where the two of you match.
> I also used the feature of finding those who match two different kits - I
> can't remember the exact title.  This feature produces a list of kits that
> match both kits, then a list of matches for kit No. 1 only, and then a list
> of matches for kit No. 2 only.  The first part, where it shows kits that
> match both kits, your matches might not be on the same chromosome and same
> start location. You would have to do the one-to-one search to see if you
> match on the same chromosome number, and at the same start location.
> There is something called "crossovers" and I don't really understand that
> yet.  There is a wonderful blog, segmentology.org, written by Jim
> Bartlett, and it is very helpful. You might want to subscribe to that.
> Another blog that is really helpful is:  https://dna-explained.com/
> Roberta Estes is the author of this blog.
> What is really great about Gedmatch are the Tier 1 features.  A few years
> ago, these were free, but you have to pay $10.00 a month for them now. I
> love the Segment Triangulation tool, and they have a new one, Triangulation
> Groups. If you want to try these tools, you could pay for a month and see
> if you think they would be helpful to you.
> There is also a helpful list at Rootsweb, autosomal-DNA at rootsweb.com.
> There are some extremely knowledgeable people on the list, and they try and
> help everyone.  If you join this list, send a query to the list and I am
> sure someone will help you with your Gedmatch questions.
> You can also go through some of the Gedmatch Forums. You can find these on
> the page you get when you sign in.  Look on the left side of the screen,
> where it says Learn More.
> I am certainly not an expert - in fact, I still feel like a beginner most
> of the time, but I hope this helps a little.
> Best wishes,
> Sharon Clark
> Fort Worth, TX
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