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Jeri Jahnke jeri at tormenta.com
Fri Aug 25 19:45:09 CDT 2017

Hi, Sherry; thanks for the fun info!  According to Moses's trees at
Ancestry, we are related to Moses and Irene through our fifth
great-grandparents, Francis Triplett and Elizabeth Browne Triplett.

Predictably for Wilkes County, Moses and Irene are also related to the
Fergusons through John Ferguson and Francis Triplett Ferguson, although we
are not related to John Ferguson by Y-DNA, as you know.

The last I heard from our U-198 sub-clade admin, he still suspects our
progenitor is a Scots Wallace; but we personally are most closely related
to the Brawners (GD 3 at Y-111).  All the rest of us besides the Wallaces
in the group are US colonial era.

We are still waiting for another Ferguson match to appear.  For the other
surnames involved, see the "14-14" group at the top of this page,
where DYS391 = 10 in that long purple streak.

Luckily, there's autosomal evidence that our Triplett line is not broken,
though; so we would be some kind of cousin to Moses and Irene Triplett.

All the best,

Jeri Ferguson Jahnke
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