[Ferguson-dna] Oldest Civil War pensioner

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Fri Aug 25 19:49:14 CDT 2017

Thought it would interest some folks.


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> Hi, Sherry; thanks for the fun info!  According to Moses's trees at
> Ancestry, we are related to Moses and Irene through our fifth
> great-grandparents, Francis Triplett and Elizabeth Browne Triplett.
> Predictably for Wilkes County, Moses and Irene are also related to the
> Fergusons through John Ferguson and Francis Triplett Ferguson, although we
> are not related to John Ferguson by Y-DNA, as you know.
> The last I heard from our U-198 sub-clade admin, he still suspects our
> progenitor is a Scots Wallace; but we personally are most closely related
> to the Brawners (GD 3 at Y-111).  All the rest of us besides the Wallaces
> in the group are US colonial era.
> We are still waiting for another Ferguson match to appear.  For the other
> surnames involved, see the "14-14" group at the top of this page,
> where DYS391 = 10 in that long purple streak.
> https://www.familytreedna.com/public/U198/default.aspx?section=ycolorized
> Luckily, there's autosomal evidence that our Triplett line is not broken,
> though; so we would be some kind of cousin to Moses and Irene Triplett.
> All the best,
> Jeri Ferguson Jahnke
> Chicagoland
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