[Ferguson-dna] James Ferguson m. Sarah Ponder

Colin Ferguson colin.fergie at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 11:28:59 CST 2017

James is the ancestor of Kit 91583 in Haplogroup: I2 > M223 > L126 >
Y4750 Isles/Sc - 16

Found this book online, naming James' parents:
Marriage Records of Gloria Dei Church "Old Swedes'," Philadelphia: Compiled ...
By Park M'Farland, 1879

On page 164 for the year 1794 is:
9. James Ferguson, son of George and Marget Ferguson, in Ireland, p.
25, widower, and Sarah Ponder, d. of dec. Patric McMannan and his
relict Elizab., of Philad., p. 34, widow. Ev. p. Mangus McCanna, John

Most of the public trees on ancestry.com say James' parents are James
Ferguson and Margaret Stot. That does not appear to be the case.

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