Clan Fergusson Society of North America - Canada and the U.S.


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A. Advantage

B. Eligibility

C. Applications

Regular, Associate, and Life



Alternate Procedure (all types)

II. Objectives of the Clan Fergusson Society of N.A.
III. Dues

Regular and Associate Members

1 year $30.00

1 year + 1 extra year $55.00 (a savings of $5.00)

1 year + 2 extra years $75.00 (a savings of $15.00)


Reactivating Membership

1 year $30.00

1 year + 1 extra year $55.00 (a savings of $5.00)

1 year + 2 extra years $75.00 (a savings of $15.00)

IV. Odom Genealogy Library



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The Membership Advantage

When you join CFSNA

you will receive….

• A lapel pin bearing the Clan Fergusson badge

• The Society’s newsletter “The Bee Line”

• A colorful membership certificate suitable for framing

• A directory listing members and giving pertinent information about the Society

• Contact with Society members working on family histories and access to the growing collection of Clan Fergusson genealogical and historical information

• Association with persons having a common heritage

• Access the CFSNA genealogy files

• Renewal fee waived if you join the Fergus(s)on DNA project
Membership Eligibility

Persons, either male of female, who bear or have borne by direct line of descent any eligible name, or who can establish a resonable presumption of direct descent from an ancestor of eligilble name, are elligible to apply for membership. (Ref. CFSNA By-Laws)

Eligible names include Fergusson (all spellings); Fergie, Fergus, Fergushill, Fergussill, Ferrie, Ferries, Ferris, Farris, Forgan, Forgie, Grevsack, Hardie, Hardy, Keddle, Keddie, Ketchen, Kidd, Kiddie, Kydd, MacAdie, MacCade, MacErries, MacFergus, MacFhearguis, MacFirries, MacHerries, MacInlay, MacIrish, MacKadie, MacKeddie, MacKerras, MacKersey, MacKestan, MacKiddie, MacMagnus, MacTaver.

If your name is not listed, and you think that it should be, please let us know.

Objectives of the Clan Fergusson Society of N.A.

To cultivate a spirit of kinship among clansfolk throughout Canada and the United States and with members of the Clan in Scotland and elsewhere in the world.

To render aid to clanfolk should they meet with adversity.

To honor our heritage and to inspire among our members and descendants the pride and spirit of our Celtic ancestors, both Scottish and Irish, and to perpetuate for the present and future of these traditions, values, qualities and attitudes from the past which have proved to be of sound social benefit.

To collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the history of the Clan.

Clan Leadership

The Society is managed by a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and twelve Directors/ Regional Vice Presidents who are elected by the membership. Committees for such activities as membership, genealogy and social activities are appointed as required.

Application Forms

(The Society’s fiscal year begins January 1. Dues for membership applications processed after October 1 apply to the next Society year. All new membership plans include a one time $5.00 processing fee.)

Regular (active) member; (Must be membership eligible).
1 year $35.00
1 year + 1 extra year $60.00 (a savings of $5.00)
1 year + 2 extra years $80.00 (a savings of $15.00)

Associate (active) member (Cannot vote or hold office)
1 year $35.00
1 year + 1 extra year $60.00 (a savings of $5.00)
1 year + 2 extra years $80.00 (a savings of $15.00)

Age 60 and over: $300.00
Age under 60: $500.00

red new Membership Application On-Line (Fill Out, Submit & Pay On-Line with PayPal or a Credit Card.)

Membership Application Download (PDF form, fill out & mail form & payment).

Honorary Memberships

Honorary (By invitation only. Appointed by CFSNA BOD; no application; cannot vote or hold office) No dues.

Alternate Application Procedure, All Types
Application, Alternate Procedure (all types)

Write or send an email to:
B. J. Ferguson, President, CFSNA; 192 Hawthorne Hill Rd; Jasper, GA 30143


Dues, Regular and Associate Membership and, Reactivating Membership

Note: Dues renewal notices are mailed out annually by the Society Treasurer (usually during November) to all current members (excluding Life and Patron Members who do not pay dues). For the convenience of the membership, any one of the following forms can be used to pay dues. This can be done either before or after receiving the dues notice from the Treasurer.

1 year $30.00

1 year + 1 extra year $55.00 (a savings of $5.00)

1 year + 2 extra years $75.00 (a savings of $15.00)


red renewable button Pay Dues Online (Fill Out, Submit & Pay On-Line with PayPal or a Credit Card.)

Download Dues Form (PDF form, fill out & mail form & payment).

Odom Genealogy Library

Significant contributions have been made by the Charitable Trust to the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library in Moultrie, Georgia. Here among the records of our Scottish past we find a strong and proud Clan Fergusson influence.

The Library also hosts an annual Celtic Festival in February complete with pipe band performances and Clan Society gatherings. A special feature is the geanalogical tour within the surrounding area.

The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library is open

Monday – Saturday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

Visit them at:

204 5th Street, S.E., Moultrie, GA 31768

P.O. Box 1110

Moultrie, GA 31776-1110

or telephone: (912) 985-6540.