Clan Fergusson Society of North America - Canada and the U.S.

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Please select either the prorated payment option or the subscription payment option below.

All new memberships include:

* Membership Certificate

* Laminated Membership Card

* The Bee Line online access

* Fergusson Lapel Pin

* Membership Directory
A) Prorated Payment Option

Use this form to apply for membership from the current month until December 31st of the current year, with options to extend membership at reduced rates for up to two additional years. The processing fee is $10.00 with this option.

(Shortly before the end of the year(s) applied for, you will receive an annual dues renewal notice either via email (if you have an email address on file with us) or via snail mail.)

This form can also be used to apply for a Life Membership. Life Memberships are for an indefinite period of time and there are no renewal fees.

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B) Subscription Option

Subscriptions are for 12 months and are automatically renewed via your account once every year. You may choose to unsubscribe at the end of any year that you choose. This is a great payment option with a 10% savings on dues for as long as your subscription lasts. The processing fee is $9.00 with this option.

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Contact one of the following:

Larry Ferguson, CFSNA Secretary

Della Ferguson, CFSNA President