Clan Fergusson Society of North America - Canada and the U.S.


MacFergus Pipes And Drums


• Balmoral, Black, Red Toorie
• Crest, Clan Ferguson, 1 3/4”, Polished Silver (balmoral accessory)
• Shirt, Short Sleeve, Air Force Style (light blue with epaulettes & pocket flaps)
• Shirt, Long Sleeve, Air Force Style (light blue with epaulettes & pocket flaps)
• Tie, Tartan, Ferguson Ancient (optional with informal uniform, otherwise required)
• Crest, Clan Ferguson, Lapel Pin on Shirt, Vest, or Jacket (whichever is the outer most garment)
• Vest, Black, Silver Buttons (worn with Semi-Formal uniform)
• Kilt, Ferguson, Ancient Tartan
• Belt, Black with Silver Buckle (Belt & Buckle optional with Semi-Formal and Formal uniform variations)
• Sporran, Black, Plain or With Silver Studs
• Sporran, Chain Strap (around the waist belt suspension type, black leather parts with plain silver chain)
• Hose, Black
• Flashes, Red
• Gillies, Black
• Pipe Bag, Solid Black, Black Fringe, Silver Drone Chords

• Pipe Bag, Decoraton, Ferguson Related (design yet to be determined)
• Jacket, Argyle, Black, Silver Diamond Buttons (worn with vest to complete the formal uniform)
• Sash, Red (P/M, D/M, and Band Officers)
• Rosette, Kilt, Green (P/M, D/M, and Band Officers)
• Slides, Band Rank or CFSNA Position, Black with Silver Embroidery
• Banner, Bass Drone, Silver Fringe; Ferguson Related (design yet to be determined)
• Tie, Bow, Solid Black (can be worn instead of a tartan tie for very formal wear)
• Fly Plaid, Ancient Ferguson Tartan
• Fly Plaid, Broach

Items to be worn with all uniform variations are the same from the waist down: Kilt, Belt, Sporran, Sporran Strap, Hose, Flashes, and Gillies; all as specified in the Uniform items list above.

In the descriptions below, when there is more than one choice can be made, if performing solo, the choice is at the descretion of the performer. If performing in as a group, all members of the of the group should wear the same uniform to the extent possible. If the P/M or D/M is not present, then the choice should be mutually agreeable to all members participating. If the P/M or D/M is present, then they will make the choice for the group. The optional sash, rosette, and slides can be worn with any uniform variation and does not require group approval or uniformity.

Informal – Short or long sleeve shirt with or without tartan tie.
Semi-Formal – Short or long sleeve shirt with vest and tartan tie.
Formal – Long sleeve shirt, vest, tartan tie and jacket (optionally, the tie can be a black bow tie).



Substitutions for uniform items as specified in these rules and regulations should be avoided as much as possible. However, they are permitted provided that items used as substitutes:

• Are extremely close in color and style to the authorized uniform (e.g. navy blue may be substituted for black).
• Have been approved by the P/M and the D/M.
• Are regarded as temporary substitutions pending acquisition of uniform items that comform to specs.

CFSNA Uniform Combinationsrs