Clan Fergusson Society of North America - Canada and the U.S.

A shipping charge will be added during checkout. The amount of the charge is based on the total dollar amount of the items ordered. For reference, shipping rates are shown at the bottom of this page.

(Please note: If preferred – instead of ordering online – a form is provided at the bottom of this page that can be used to mail an order to the CFSNA Merchandise Manager for processing).


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Instead of ordering online (above), you can mail in your order by using the number remaining in inventory for the item (see below) then …

… in your correspondence indicate for each item ordered:
Quantity of each item
Description (Size, Color, etc)
Item Price of each item(e.g. $5.00)
Item Price Total (e.g. $15.00 if three ordered at $5.00 each)
Followed by:
Total Price of all items
+Shipping Charge (see chart)
=Grand Total
Include your mailing address, cell#, and email address.
Mail order to the CFSNA Merchandise Manager together with a check or money order for processing to:
David Ferguson
PO Box 51
Bruceton, WV 26525



CFSNA Shipping Rates
(The CFSNA is a non-profit organization in compliance with 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Purchases from the CFSNA store; membership fees and dues are all tax deductible. After expenses, all proceeds go towards the Society’s charitable activities.)

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