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Ferguson Genealogy



We are *actively* in the process of compiling and updating our genealogy section.

We’ve been saying that for a while, so you probably have the question:  So what’s the holdup?

Well, our database currently holds the names and information for over 200,000 unique persons.  The information was derived from member-submitted pedigrees and genealogies: over 12,000  individual “trees” in all. As you can imagine, the process of turning said disconnected trees into a viable, searchable database, is very complicated.   Please bear with me as I continue to work on this!

There *will* be sweetness after this difficulty!

Here’s the first thing I’ve been able to produce:  It’s a simple descendant listing of the heirs of Hugh Ferguson, who is the OLDEST Ferguson on the tree of our YOUNGEST Ferguson.  (Does that make sense? LOL)

Hugh Ferguson Descendants




Do you have a specific question regarding your Ferguson ancestry?  Please contact Society Genealogist Adrienne Tomkins at  I am always happy to help!  Eventually you will be able to search the database yourself, but do not hesitate to contact me and ask me to search the database for the information you seek.  If we do not have it, never fear!  I am a professional genealogist with years of experience and access to all major (and some lesser-known) databases and repositories.  If we don’t ALREADY know the answers you seek, we WILL find them! (We hope…)




Plea to all members of CFSNA!

Do YOU have information you’d like to share with US?

Any and all information you can provide will be invaluable to this endeavor.  Please fill out the contact form below if you would like to contribute.  I will contact you to request the specific information you have to offer.  Thanks!

Meanwhile, while we await members’ information, please check out WikiTree (link below), which has some really good information on our ancestors!

Ferguson on WikiTree

Tree Tartan

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