Clan Fergusson Society of North America - Canada and the U.S.

Prorated Dues Rationale

When you joined the Society you were charged for a full year’s membership, but ideally you should have been charged a prorated amount for only the current and remaining months in the year that you joined, not all 12 months. This has been the normal operating procedure since the Society’s founding in 1972 and was done for the sake of simplying the dues collection and accounting processes handled by the Society’s all volunteer staff (usually just one person). And, also, because of limitions imposed by the the Society’s by-laws. To compenstate for this excessive intial membership fee, your dues are only for those months that you should have been charged for when you became a member. Once you exercise this option, the excessive charge situation will have been resolved and your dues aniversary date will “officially” be in January and your renewal dues in 2017, and beyond, will be the normal amount.

If you wish, you can choose to wave this reduction (it’s worth noting that about 90% of the CFSNA’s income comes from annual dues). To renew and pay the “normal” $30.00 dues for the year instead of the prorated amount, in the main menu, select the “Dues 2016 (Normal; Joined in Jan or Oct – Dec)” option, or click in this space ->here <- to link directly to that form. Thank you.