Clan Fergusson Society of North America - Canada and the U.S.

Solo Only Tunes

Solo Tunes (Current competency may vary depending upon the recency of practice on a particular tune)
Andrew Meeks Rev Date Type.. PDF.. BWW MIDI MP3 Other
Liberton Polka
Braes of Castle Grant
Pumpkin’s Fancy
Siege of Deli
Whiskey in the Jar
Billy Ferguson Rev Date Type.. PDF.. BWW MIDI MP3 Other
1976 Police Tattoo
Alison Hargrave’s Farewell to K2 3/4 pdfimage
Battle of the Somme 6/4/2014 9/8 pdfimage bwwimage midiimage mp3image battleofsomemusicimage battleofsomemusicimage battofsommevid
Battle of Waterloo
Caissons (U.S. Army March)
Farewell to the Creeks
Flower of Scotland
Glendareul Highlanders
Heights of Dargai
MacGregor of Rora
Major Bobbie
Marine Corp Hymn
Minstrel Boy
Mist Covered Mountains
Mull of Kintryre
Navy Hymn
Old Rustic Bridge
Parting Glass
Peter MacKenzie Warren
Roses of Prince Charlie
Scogts Wha’ Hae
Semper Paratus
Shoals of Herrin
Skye Boat Song
Srulean Park
Will Ye’ No Come Back Again
Wi A Hundred Pipers
Youngest Ancient Mariner

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